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New Video on Soybean Seedling Blights
Mon - May 16, 2016

by Kiersten Wise, Purdue University and Loren Giesler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Wet soil conditions can put soybean seedlings at risk for seedling blight diseases. Symptoms of seedling blights include wilting or discolored seedlings, poor stand establishment, and seedlings with discolored or rotted roots. If seedling blight issues are suspected in your field, it is important to submit samples to a diagnostic laboratory to confirm which disease is present. In this video, we show how to recognize seedling diseases in the field, and how to collect a sample to confirm the field diagnosis.

We also have updated the publication Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Soybean Seedling Disease as of April 2016. This annually-updated publication includes the efficacy of the most widely marketed fungicide seed treatments for seedling blight pathogens. Ratings are developed by a national group of soybean pathologists as part of the NCERA-137 Soybean Disease Multi-state Research Project.

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